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Simcoe Environmental Technology (SET) is a Canadian small business 2004 with technical expertise in environmental and manufacturing fields. Our goal is to produce and sell products that meet the needs of fellow Canadians and those abroad. We would also like to bring attention to products that are environmentally friendly and exceptional. 

Future goals of Simcoe Environmental Technology will be concentrating on energy efficiency and waste reduction, a corner stone to a greener earth. Together we can work cooperatively for a sustainable community and environment.

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Fred Dobbs

Manager of Stewardship Services

Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

"Dear Roger,
Thank you for demonstrating the new working model of the soil anchor and insertion tool system that you have developed. The previous model that you used on our June 19 , 2004 volunteer work day on the Boyne River, worked quite well but needed some manipulation in order to get the anchor to rotate and "grab". The new working model rotated in the pilot hole very efficiently and provided strong anchoring resistance even in sandy soil.
The barb which you have added to the anchor and the flange on the insertion tool which you have incorporated to rotate the barb worked very well. I like the fact that the new insertion tool and post pounder was an integrated unit. Ensuring that the pounder will not lift off of the end of the tool provides an excellent safety feature."

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Gary Christie 


Nottawasaga Steelheaders Association

"A special thanks to Roger Caron and his crew for his successfully innovative bank cabling system which will radically change the way we secure and design banks with tree placements."

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Certificate of Appreciation presented to Simcoe Environmental Technology in recognition of contributions to the Environment (2005 - 2007). Presenters included Silvia Pedrazzi (New Techumseth Streams Committee on the left) and Sarah Campbell (Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority on the right). Roger Caron accepting the award for Simcoe Environmental Technology

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